Ivanka Trump’s Boots

One day, when some future version of me is looking back at the profoundly screwed-up time we’re living in right now, I’ll probably find time to discuss how a pair of boots marketed by Ivanka Trump’s fashion label became a vehicle for people to protest the election of her father to the presidency. For now, I’ll just give you a couple of links to go and explore yourself, here and here. The boots themselves are a spiky knee-length leather and stretch fabric hybrid design that is no longer for sale, but you can still see their old Amazon product page. Customer Q&A includes:

Q.Where is this boot made? (the description says usa or imported. which is it?)

A. It could be Russia but it could be China. It could be someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.

Q.What kind of leather? a friend told me it’s human skin! I guess it’s possible coming from China. can you please tell me kind of skin is used? thx!

A. Thin skin.

Q. It says the fit runs small. Any chance they will make these bigly?

A. Don’t let the media fool you, these do not run small. This boots run bigly, let me tell you.

And believe me, there are many, many more where those came from.

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