You have only to ask…

Back in December of last year, Tine Dorothy Kooiman shared some reminiscences about Elliott’s on the post devoted to that subject, including her memory of encountering the pop-singer Lulu wearing a pair of Elliott’s boots. “Has anyone seen a picture of Lulu with these boots on?” she asked. And as it happens, I may have.


Assuming these are the ones that you’re thinking of…

Image Sources:

  • Australian Women’s Weekly, 1969
  • Associated Newspapers, via Pinterest

An update

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog for the last few weeks because I’ve been absorbed with other projects, so apologies for a lack of activity. Here’s what should be coming up in the next few weeks:


(1) I’m almost at the end of the publication-based review that I started back in July of 2014. I’ve drawn an arbitrary end to this in 2010, so I think we’ve got one last post to go, covering 2003-2010. Then I need to recap what we’ve learnt; my guess is that the whole thing will be done and dusted by July of this year, which gives it a nice symmetry.


(2) I also want to return to something that I began two years ago and then stopped to focus on the numbers – an object-based look at some of the major boot styles. I’ve been quietly acquiring materials on Ebay and Etsy (including the awesome pair of late sixties boots illustrated above), so there’s enough stuff for a few posts over the spring and summer.


(3) Some time back, I also said I’d take a look at detailing – stitches, buckles, studs, trims, etc – so we’ve got that to come too.


(4) Finally, I need to get back to another project that I put on hold in 2014, which was “influence mapping” for want of a better term. I want to see if what I’ve learnt from that big literature review has had any effect on my thoughts.

So there you have it. Sorry for the lull in activity, expect more in the future.