The perfect alternative to tights?

Thanks to the ever dependable Bruce, I just got made aware of this short, but interesting post from Racked, which proposes thigh-length boots as the season’s alternative to tights. Stylistically this is a throwback to almost 50 years ago, circa 1968, with close-fitting high boots providing an unbroken line from ankle to hem. The look never really caught on then, and Bruce is inclined to think it may be a flash in the pan this time as well. I’m not so sure, but I guess we’ll need to wait at least a couple of years to see.


  • Pina, Tanisha, 2016. Hate tights? Wear thigh high boots instead. Racked, Dec 19, 2016. Retrieved 3/30/2017

Image Source: Velvet high heeled boots by Zara, via Racked