Made for Walking was (and is) a blog about the history of women’s fashion boots from the early twentieth century until today. It’s also the title of a book, published by Schiffer in 2018, which tells the story of the boot as women’s fashion moves from boots’ origins in the ancient world to Prohibition to online shopping and fashion blogs. Going beyond design, it reveals the role of social history, culture, and media in the development of the boot.

My name is Andy Peake and I’m a writer and museum curator. I was born in London in the middle years of the 1960s, graduated from the University of Oxford and I’ve worked for a number of major museums. I now live with my family in New England. BTW, in case you were wondering, Andy Peake is a nom-de-plume.

I don’t own the rights to any of the images on this blog, which are reproduced here under the principle of fair use. If you are a copyright holder who wants to request that an image be removed, please contact me using the ‘comment’ box on the post in question.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Andy, I just wanted to let you know what a delight it has been to be ‘re-connected’ with the Elliotts world that I thought was long gone, and to thank you for raising it in your blog in the first place, enabling so many people to add our little bits to the story. Very much appreciated. Best regards, Simon

    1. I’m delighted that I was able to help. Not only was Elliotts a very important company in the history of British footwear, but it plainly inspired great loyalty in the people that worked there, which is still visible half a century later. You and your family have a lot to be proud of

      1. I was an Elliotts Shoe Shop sales assistant! My first job ever… again the trainning ESSoffered to the youngsters was the best! Turned me to be the best SA ever! Mr Illot my manager and the older lady which was the eye of the Shop!
        I now live in Switzerland and paint snow paintings ( ericabannwart.ch) bless london in the 70‘!!!

  2. can you do a comprehensive study of boots on television focusing on 70’s tv shows such as three’s company, charlies angels, wonder woman, one day at a time, etc.

  3. i know bruce’s website would be a good candidate, but you would be more thorough and scholarly about it

  4. That really is Bruce’s thing, and he’s extremely good at it. But it’s possible I may touch on seventies TV at some point… got a bunch of stuff that’s backed up and needs dealing with first.

  5. Hi Simon, I live in Cornwall and your Uncle Nick came down to stay with his family in our farm cottage,around 1969. We really enjoyed hosting them and they invited us to go up and visit when we came up to the big smoke. He took us out to the theatre ,my brother and myself we were about 20years old and have never forgotten what followed! He insisted we came around again and when we arrived he gave us the keys to the Aston Martin and told us to take it for a drive and we were accompanied by Michelle their French Au pair. I’ve always remembered this and could you send him my best wishes to him.

  6. Hi Kingsley, I am really sorry but I have only just seen this message (since it is not in the main Elliott’s comments stream on this blog). My family used to go down to the Helford River area, sometime with Nick and his family – is your cottage in that part of the county? I will pass on your message to Nick – has to be by Royal Mail, since he does not use the internet – and I will let you know his reply. Thanks for getting in touch. Simon

  7. I am contacting you on behalf of Totnes Fashion and Textiles museum in Devon. I am compiling a shoe archive and have a pair of shoes circa I think 1960/70 with a label in gold lettering Elliott Paris XV1 and I am wondering if this could possibly be a shoe you might recognise? The shoe is in orange patent leather with a 2 cm black patent platform sole and a 10cm black patent heel. Altho it doesn’t correspond with any of the images shown on your website the gold lettering and the rather ornate pattern surrounding the logo is very similar. I could sen you an image if you thought you might beable to help me.

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