Fall Trends, 2017

This blog is more about history than anything else, but it’s worth noting that it’s the time of year when the fashion press publishes it’s Fall fashion reports and, once again, it’s clear that boots are a big deal. Apparently red is a big deal this year, as are sock boots, and slouch boots, which are basically loose-fitting over-the-knee boots that are worn squished down below the knee. A particular favorite of mine are the boots by Off White that are emblazoned with the words “Made for Walking” in big white letters. Free advertising? Why not?


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One thought on “Fall Trends, 2017

  1. That looks promising. even though I’m a child of the late 90s with their 60s reboot (lol) and those short A-shaped skirts, I also love that Midi-Skirt-Boots-Charlie’s-Angel look!

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