An end of year update

img_5041Things have been a little quiet this year, but I wanted to assure anyone out there who’s still interested in this blog that it is not dead and buried. The reason for the lack of activity is that MFW has spun off a book project. I spent a lot of 2016 doing research – surprisingly, there was quite a lot that I hadn’t covered in the blog – writing, and doing tedious, but necessary stuff like image licensing. The manuscript  was finally delivered to the publisher on Dec 1st – fingers crossed, it should be published some time in late 2017.

All of that means I can now get back to writing the blog… which is a challenge after the long-form writing I’ve been doing. And there’s also the Pinterest and Tumblr sites to revitalize, which I’d retired because they were getting way too messy. Fortunately, there’s a lot of material out there to draw on. Expect more in the New Year. And Happy Holidays to everyone.

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