Some Updates

The numbers-based review of the Sixties is taking forever, mostly because I’m juggling other projects. So I figured that I’d highlight some coming attractions, to motivate myself to get a move on as much as anything.


First up, I’ve added another social networked facet to this project, in the form of a set of Pinterest boards. The reason for this is that, at getting on for 11,000 images, the MFW Tumblr Blog was becoming a little unwieldy. I’ll keep using Tumblr as the main repository for project images, but Pinterest allows me to provide a more “curated” set of content, and to offer some things that go beyond the tight 1960s-1980s time-frame.


Next, I’ve been slowly/painfully accumulating a collection of mail order catalogs from the 1970s. These are the big, general catalogs, including Sears and Montgomery Ward from the U.S. and Kays, Freemans, and Janet Frazer from the UK. The reason for this is that I wanted to accumulate some data on what women were actually wearing, as opposed to the picture that you get from magazines like Vogue or L’Officiel. So you can expect this stuff to come through by the end of the year.


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may recall that I’ve been building a reference collection of boots to fill some of the gaps in the on-line museum catalogs that served as a data source for the original “Tree of Boots” exercise. I did a couple of posts on this back in April and promised some more updates, which have not been forthcoming. Expect me to rectify this in the next few months.


And finally, I had a plan in my head to do some posts on great boot designers; I did one on David Evins and sketched out a couple of potential pieces on Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin before I got distracted. Hopefully I’ll be able to get these done as well. Stay tuned.

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